Historic Landmark District

Savannah, GA


Wayfinding Analysis, Signage Programming & Design, Graphic Design, Map Design


Savannah’s Mobility Management Board sought to develop a wayfinding and signage program that reduces vehicular traffic in the Historic District and promotes the walkability of the city. The program was developed with minimum vehicular signage to clearly mark routes to the historic district and public parking facilities. Pedestrian level directional signage, information kiosks and orientation maps then become the primary signage system for the program.


The design of the signs is inspired by the gardens and ornamental ironwork of Savannah. Details are subtle and meant to be seen up close, much like the experience of walking through Savannah itself. Use of a dark pole and curved panels references historical design. The bright green background and purple accents help the important information pop against the foliage of the city. Customized icons were created to call out information points and connections between the various forms of transportation available. The overall effect of the signs is one that creates a unique identity that reflects the character of Historic Savannah.